Get to know the magic of Raku!

Casa Lliure opens the doors for the public to take part and watch the Raku firing.

Raku is a method of fast pottery firing, developed in Japan during the XVI century and related to the tea ceremony. The pieces are removed from the kiln while still incandescent, resulting in a beautiful scene and pieces with exclusive effects.

There are two ways to know more about Raku and be part of this spectacle:


Manifest your art!

In this experience, we offer you a vase to paint with different kinds of glaze. A moment of freedom to create a piece in your way.

After that, you will observe the firing and take your creation home.

Dates: soon
Time: 4pm to 7pm.
Cost: R$190/person.


Live the experience of watching a firing and learning more about this secular technique.
We offer this artistic experience for contemplation, an inspiring opportunity even to those that don't intend to develop their pottery abilities.
What will be seen is the spectacle of the still incandescent pieces, resulting in uniques and exciting artworks.

You will be joining an exclusive piece giveaway, just out of the kiln.

Dates: soon
Time: 5:30pm to 7pm.
Cost: R$40/person.